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Robust, breathable and lightweight, cotton is an exceptional natural fibre. Where possible, we use organic cotton that’s grown and farmed in accordance with strict environmental standards, which better sustains the health of soil, ecosystems and the people who make it.

To maintain your garment’s quality, we recommend washing in cold or cool water (30 degrees maximum) with a dash of mild, natural detergent. To dry, lay the garment flat on a towel (avoid hangers) and leave in a shaded area. Once dry, store your garment in a cool, dry place, either hung or folded. For cotton T-shirts, we recommend folding to best maintain shape; over time, hanging such garments may cause stretching at the shoulders and neck.

Do not tumble dry. Exposing garments to lengthy periods of heat at high temperatures damages fibres and shrinks garments. Always refer to your garment’s label for precise care instructions.