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Viscose (rayon) is a semi-synthetic fabric derived from natural sources. Viscose is a delicate fabric that requires special care to ensure its longevity.

We recommend professional dry-cleaning for viscose items – particularly if the garment is stained.  Please do not wash your viscose garment, even in cold water; it will shrink.

Once cleaned, you may find your garments appear a touch smaller. This can be easily remedied with a warm steam iron. The heat of the iron will relax the knitted fibres and the weave. When pressing, use your hands to gently ease the garment back to its original shape. Ensure not to over-press as excess heat and stretching may damage the garment.

Store your garment folded in a cool, dry place. We recommend folding to ensure the garment’s shape is maintained over time. Hanging such garments may cause the garment to lose its original shape.

Do not tumble dry. Exposing garments to heat damages fibres and shrinks garments. Always refer to your garment’s label for precise care instructions.