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A Message on Sustainability

We are facing a time of global reassessment. It’s in this environment that we reflect on our attitude towards fashion and commit to continued and evolving diligence in our approach to manufacturing and design.

Venroy is built on an ever-lasting wardrobe. Our product is purposeful and our designs are made to last. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and see it as our responsibility to create items that are re-worn and enjoyed well after seasonal trends are buried.



90% of our collections are made from pure linen, one of the most inherently eco-friendly, innovative crops in the world. Sourced from flax, it’s a high-performance fibre which thrives without irrigation and the need for pesticides. There is zero waste from the plant and it’s fully biodegradable. It is the anchor of our brand.


Product Strategy

To reduce unnecessary consumption and waste VENROY minimises designing to seasonal trends. Our core apparel offering accounts for 80% of our product – all of which is linen. For the additional 20%, we produce seasonal, weather-specific styles, which we manufacture in limited quantities to ensure products sell out leaving zero waste.

We believe that sales and discounting are key drivers of mindless consumption and we prefer not to entice customers into purchasing unnecessary goods.


Retail Model

In 2015, Venroy transitioned away from wholesaling, pulling product from 200 stores across the world. As a result we now control the entire journey, from fabric and yarn selection through to customer transaction. This approach works in contrast to the mass consumption model and ensures quality control and minimal waste.


Price Point

In eliminating wholesale, Venroy has been able to reduce price points. Our mark up is determined by three factors:

1. Offering our suppliers fair prices
2. Offering our employees comfortable wages
3. Maintaining sustainable growth


Owned Factory

We are proud to have our own dedicated factory. Our factory works with us and only us. Since establishing the factory in 2016, 80% of our product is manufactured from here. Our dedicated fabric mill ensures we deliver only the highest quality materials, make and finished product.

Importantly, owning our factory means that we can ensure fair working conditions and reduce our environmental footprint by reducing waste and recycling at every point possible.


The Venroy team.